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1.  All Payments are net 30 days.

2.  All consultancy services whether concerning technical or marketing services will be provided on a confidential basis to an agreed plan. Site visits use expensive human resources which may not be easily reallocated at short notice. All interim management, consultancy, training or site visits booked are subject to a 7-day notice period for cancellation without charge. A 50% cancellation charge may be charged for any visit cancelled within seven days. For visits cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment the full fee is chargeable.  Also applies to Long Term, Retainer Agreements, which have a minimum number of days per month element too.

3.  Until the Scope Design plan is completed we cannot be absolutely certain how much work is involved in setting up your system. Therefore sometimes it is impossible to give a definitive project cost until the Database Design day has been completed and approved.

4.  Additional work is undertaken to specific requirements, A specification will be provided before any additional work being completed to ensure we cover your exact needs. The specification must then be agreed before the work is started.

5.  Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the services and no liability will be accepted for any additional costs arising from the use / misuse of the services or software supplied.

6.  Title of any goods supplied remains the property of Baroni Ltd until paid for in full. The intellectual property of the software (including any additional programming) remains with Baroni Ltd or agent/partner and is licensed to your company.

7.  Any data supplied to you is subject to the appropriate data protection acts and should be used in relation to the appropriate instructions. Advice is available on all relevant areas.

8.  Additional Costs: All rates charged for consultancies, Interim Management, etc, are subject to any expenses to be paid by you; travelling costs, subsistence, hotel/accommodation and meal where over night stay is required.

9.  Additional Hours: The standard working day is EU directive per week/number of days in the week: 37/5 = 7.4 hours per day. Which equates to 09:00 hrs to 16:40 hrs. Work beyond these hours will be charged at an hourly rate of 1.5 x daily rate/7.4 hours. If journeys beyond 90 minutes in each direction is required, then any time above this will be either deducted from the day hours worked (subtracted) or charged at the hourly rate if above. Any decision will be agreed between both parties before the event.

10. For “Retainer”, Long Term Agreement rates are amended by RPI each year on 1st April.

11. For “Retainer”, Long Term Agreements contract notice is a minimum of three months.  The contract automatically renews at the end of the term for a further 12 months unless terminated in writing by the minimum notice period.  Early termination of contract (cancellation within the term) will enforces early termination cancellation as agreed at the start of the contract.

12. If in doubt please tell us. We can only become your business partners if you involve us and the relationship will work best if we are open with each other.



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