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What you give defines what you are
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow a mystery, today is what you have

EmployAbility, Surrey County Council

A service run by the council to assist disadvantaged adults to either find work or start and run a business of their own.

Baroni worked with Jenny Alvey, Employment Support Officer to assist one young lady set up a distributorship for veterinary drugs in Uganda.  Being a native of that country, she was all too well aware of the hardship farmers faced when their livestock falls ill and medication is required.  Due to the low income, the farmers are only able to obtain cheap either poor quality or fake drugs from India, and as a result, more often than not, they loose their live stock and livelihoods, thus plunging them in to greater poverty and starvation.

The project aimed to bring the best quality drugs to the farmers at prices they could afford.

Baroni was able to assist in giving instruction and coaching on how to go about the processes, raising capital and awareness and involving the larger pharmacies.  We were also able to assist in planning and introductions to our wide network to get further assistance and support.

Baroni International Breakfast Club (BIBC)

A free business development and match making services to businesses in Croydon, Surrey and Kent.


Baroni International Breakfast Club (BIBC) was formed in January 2013 to facilitate the abilities of different yet complimentary businesses and competencies to come together in a single place (market) to address issues, opportunities or proposals. The group metamorphose and collaborate in delivering competitive tenders to major organisations and enterprises, or identified business scenarios or ideas (opportunities). Being of small size, the organisations are better able to compete and exceed propositions of larger organisations and to adapt to the ever changing needs of a requirement, dissolving and evolving as opportunities themselves change or disappear.

The group is a closed group, joined by invitation only and limited in size to a maximum of 40. There is no profiteering or costs to membership and all members are deemed equal.

The group was founded and is organised and managed by Baroni Limited, hence its name. Baroni is a business services organisation whose name is likewise derived from the founder’s wife’s name, Chiara Baroni.