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Advice & Support Services:

We work with leaders in both the private and public sectors in Europe and Asia, who wish to grow their business further with significant emphasis on Design & Manufacture, Utilities, Construction and Consumables.

We do this using three core processes:

Business Sales Development and Supply Chain Management

UK B2B Sales Development, through strategy development, Sales Leadership, training and coaching

Asia Growth, through offering market analysis, advice, strategy and delivery based on over 30 years of global expertise in enterprise international business development.  A network of business partners across Asia who are native, local marketing and business development experts with strong business and government connections, thus we are able to reduce time to market by 75%, real costs (20% to 40%) and hence risks of entering new markets.

ICT and ICT Outsourcing consultancy

Information Communications Technology (ICT) strategy, vendor management, tendering

Outsource/Off-shoring for HR, BPO and KBO

We are completely independent as one of the only organisations to offer outsourcing advisory services that are ‘super partes’.

Whether it is a one-off project or ongoing support, we offer a range of services and solutions to save time and energy, with a particular emphasis on international trade, off-shoring, outsourcing, tendering, and managing suppliers and customers.

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ICT & ICT Outsourcing

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